The Dag Man Products

The Dagman offers a range of fertilizer products all derived from sheep dagging and machine blended.

Dagmans Pellet Power, pelletised sheep manure, is designed to break down slowly giving a long life fertilizer for your garden.

Our KINPACK powdered sheep manure retains a small portion of wool fibre. This has been retained on purpose as it is a great plant food as well as retaining moisture for a long time.

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Our products are available in three sizes.

• Kinpack Powdered Sheep Manure - 10 kgs

• Kinpack Powdered Sheep Manure - 20 kgs

• Dagmans Pellet Power - 8 kgs

Kinpack powdered manure  - 10 kgs

Kinpack powdered manure - 20 kgs

Dagman's Pellet Power  - 8 kgs