I have used KINPACK in a liquid form. It is particularly suited to my vegetable garden. In its natural state all crops thrive on the nutrients KINPACK offers.

I obtained a drum and located it close to my vegetable garden and used it to mix up the KINPACK liquid fertiliser. All I have to do is decant from my drum using my watering can. I simply keep it replenished with KINPACK and water as I need it. P.S. My flower garden loves it too, particularly my roses ...

Graham Wood, New Brighton, NZ

Are you interested in retailing KINPACK or Dagmans Pellet Powder?

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of retailing KINPACK fertiliser simply CONTACT US and we will be more than happy to discuss supply options with you.

Minimum delivery quantity:

1 pallet (50 x 10kg bags)

Deliveries made throughout NZ on a weekly basis.